Why to Have Your Powers of Attorney Drafted by a Qualified Attorney

Powers of attorney are very important. Legal powers of attorney identify who will act for you legally. Health care powers of attorney identify who will make health care decisions for you when you can’t make them for yourself. These are difficult and IMPORTANT life moments.

Because such powers of attorney matter most when you can’t act for yourself, it is important that your documents are legally accurate. Many well meaning agencies hand out forms and information about powers of attorney and forms abound on the internet. The sad fact is that forms are often incomplete, inaccurate and lack the counsel that comes when you consult with a qualified attorney who has prepared the documents for many clients and worked with many clients in times of incapacity.

Properly considered and drafted powers of attorney are not that expensive relative to the issues that arise when your agent does not have the powers needed or in some cases has too much power. Why would you spend significant sums on long term care and medical care but not be certain that your powers of attorney properly protect you when you can’t protect yourself?

This blog is being written as a reaction to one too many situations in the past six month where an elder client was left without the care they needed due to a form power of attorney or where an elder client was taken advantage of by an agent with too much power because “forms” were used instead of legal support.

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