Do I Need a New Asset Protection Plan, Trust or Will If I Move to a New State?

A Video FAQ by Mary E. Vandenack.

Certain aspects of estate planning are governed by federal law and certain are governed by state law. It is important when you move from one state to another to give consideration to that state’s law. The asset protection piece of your plan would be very important as the protections provided by each state vary. The trust that you have is going to depend on the type of the trust and its purpose, but there are differences in state law and, at a minimum, you should have the trust reviewed. The same is true with your will. More importantly, you are going to want to review any powers of attorney for health care or legal powers of attorney. There are fairly significant differences in those documents from state to state. On the positive note, most states do have laws respecting documents that have been properly created in another state.

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